Parenting Seminars

Raising Your Kids To Succeed In Marriage

Will your kids grow up to have a successful marriage?  What is the parents role in dating and how do you prepare now, while your children are young?  What can parents do while their children are young that will improve their chances of a successful marriage down the road?

These are the questions parents should be asking now, even though dating and marriage seems a long way off for your children.  The truth is, we as parents are already doing things that are either helping or hurting our children’s chances of a satisfying and lasting marriage.

This 2-3 hour interactive seminar is designed to give parents of young children intentional strategy and options on how they can help their children avoid the common pitfalls and find success in their future marriage. Seminar includes:

  • Raising responsible kids and wise decision makers
  • Preparing for dating
  • Why financial responsibility starts now and what this looks like
  • Different parenting styles and how they affect your children
  • 17 skills and traits your kids need,
  • Q&A and more.

Great for small or large groups, or private home gatherings with your friends.  Offered on site in Rogue River, Oregon, or hosted by your group.  Call or email for more information.