Do you coach the husband and the wife at the same time, or separately?

The answer is, both. There are times when the wife and husband will have sessions together with Nick, either in person or via conference call. We also offer private coaching retreats for couples here at Pleasant Creek, which is a very effective way to get away from home and take significant steps to new growth. However, the majority of the time Nick works with either just one of the spouses, or with both of them at separate call times. In many cases this can be a more effective format.

If your spouse is not interested or able to participate and commit to coaching, there is still significant progress that can be made by participating in coaching alone. In fact, your own growth and new habits can often be a catalyst for change and growth in your spouse. Take note that coaching is not about “changing your spouse,” but about changing you. While coaching requires some commitment and effort on your part, it is very rewarding and exciting as you begin to see positive results.

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