Parenting Coaching

As I have worked with married couples I have seen how many of the challenges couples face in parenting stem back to their upbringings, where patterns, beliefs and habits were set and carried on into the marriage and now in their parenting.  Coaching is a very effective way to be intentional, to “parent on purpose” as some say, rather than parenting out of emotional reaction, fear or habits.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my parenting style and how will that affect my children when they are adults?
  • Am I parenting in a way that will result in a confident, independent and responsible adult?
  • What is the parent’s role in dating and how do I prepare?
  • Am I parenting for their future, or in whatever way is easiest for me to get through today?
  • Is our parenting negatively affecting our marriage relationship?

As a parent myself, I know of no greater joy, and no greater challenge and responsibility than raising our children.  Please call or email me for a free consult by phone as I would love to hear more about your parenting goals.