Marriage Coaching

From Vows to Wows

Want to have a deeper, more satisfying relationship with your spouse? Has work, parenting and life gotten in the way of a once vibrant relationship? Are there habits keeping your relationship from growing or being its best? Whether individually or as a couple, marriage coaching will help you move past your sticking points and areas of frustration. In addition to clarifying your core marriage values and gaining a deeper understanding of the common stages of a marriage relationship, you’ll find success in overcoming your blocks and establishing new habits that will move your relationship out of maintenance and survival mode and back into a growth mode of friendship and love. Get Started to see if coaching can help your marriage.

Questions About Marriage Coaching

How long do most clients receive coaching?

The majority of clients find that 4-8 coaching sessions is most effective for initiating lasting change, or to reach a goal. Some clients receive coaching for 3-6 months for long-term transitions and goals, while others find just one or two sessions are helpful for short-term needs. Depending on the client’s goals, it is helpful to allow enough time for the implementation of the changes and tasks determined. Accountability and support increases the chances of completion and adherence to your desired changes and new habits. While every client’s situation is unique, Nick highly recommends and often requires a commitment from the client of at least 4 sessions, meeting weekly or every other week.

Do you coach the husband and the wife at the same time, or separately?

The answer is, both. There are times when the wife and husband will have sessions together with Nick, either in person or via conference call. We also offer private coaching retreats for couples here at Pleasant Creek, which is a very effective way to get away from home and take significant steps to new growth. However, the majority of the time Nick works with either just one of the spouses, or with both of them at separate call times. In many cases this can be a more effective format.

If your spouse is not interested or able to participate and commit to coaching, there is still significant progress that can be made by participating in coaching alone. In fact, your own growth and new habits can often be a catalyst for change and growth in your spouse. Take note that coaching is not about “changing your spouse,” but about changing you. While coaching requires some commitment and effort on your part, it is very rewarding and exciting as you begin to see positive results.

Is phone coaching or Skype common?

Coaching sessions by phone are very common, even among local clients who would prefer to save time and gas to drive to an appointment. Coaching sessions by phone have the option of being held in the early morning or evening when you are home. While face-to-face coaching provides an ideal format for communication between the coach and the client, coaching by phone is still a very effective format, and can even allow for greater focus and listening.

If you do coach by phone, it is recommended that you find a place where you will not be distracted for the entire hour (no kids, no TV, no computer on, etc.). Some clients have used Skype effectively, but many times the audio is sub-par and the video can be distracting. If you have questions about which format would be best for you, feel free to discuss this during your free consultation.

How do I get started?

Take a moment to complete our short survey which which will identify what areas of coaching you’re interested in. Once I receive it, I will be in touch by phone or email to set up your free 45-minute consultation.

After this, a formal coaching agreement can be entered. You will then be sent via email the initial intake documents, a simple questionnaire that will help us focus the first session and get you started on the path to reaching your goals.

Payments are required up front, and coaching packages of 4 or 8 sessions can be purchased for a small discount. You may be interested in signing up to receive the free monthly newsletter that will help you get more familiar with me and the coaching services I provides.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

My initial phone consultation with you is always free. Depending on the number of sessions & types of coaching, price varies. Here’s a page that provides my rates.