Thank you for visiting the website!  Coaching is still relatively new to many people, but is fast becoming a leading modality chosen by clients who are serious about personal and/or professional growth.  In my coaching practice I work primarily with clients in the areas of marriage, parenting, life issues/transitions, and faith.

The coaching process is always client-driven, honoring the clients true values and goals.  Coaching is a confidential and effective way to get results through clarity, action steps, and accountability.  It would be my privilege to offer a free consultation to hear more about your aspirations and to see if coaching is the right match for you.




General Questions About Coaching

Who are good candidates for coaching?

At Abundant Life Now I have said and believe that anyone who wants to improve his or her marriage, family, life and work can benefit from coaching. There is great value in utilizing an objective and skilled listener who is committed to your success. Those who get the most out of coaching are clients that are self motivated and who are not in need of deep healing from wounds or dysfunctions of the past, but are ready and excited to move forward into new places of growth and success in their marriage or in their work and life.

Most clients fall into one of three categories: those who don’t know what they want, but are currently dissatisfied; those who know what they want, but don’t know how to get there; and finally, those who know what they want, and how to get there, but don’t seem to have the self discipline, confidence or support to gain traction and get going.

Many talented and successful people utilize a coach. Often, it is the multi-talented and multi-faceted people who spread themselves too wide and thin because they are involved in such a wide number of projects and responsibilities. Coaching is extremely helpful in prioritizing and gaining clarity on how you want to spend your days.

What is the difference between marriage coaching and life coaching?

The actual process and format are almost identical, with the difference simply being a matter of working with a coach who has experience or expertise in a particular area of life. Life coaches are more generalists and work with clients in many areas of life, such as: career, health, transitions, life balance, finances spiritual growth, relationships, etc. Marriage coaches specialize their coaching practice in the area of helping clients maintain strong and healthy marriages. The coaching techniques of both are often similar, and marriage coaches will often coach clients in some of those others areas of life that may be affecting the client’s marriage.

What is Nick’s training and background?

I completed my coaching training and certification in 2008 through the Life Purpose Institute, based in San Diego. This certification is recognized and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I currently have a private coaching practice based in southern Oregon, and frequently coach clients from around the country as well by phone or Skype. My undergraduate degree from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, was in 1989, and my Master’s of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminar was in 1996.

Before moving to Oregon, I served for ten years as the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Gridley, California, where I worked with couples of all ages and led many engaged couples through premarital counseling. I’ve led marriage workshops and have written the workbook Happily Ever After? Why Couples Plateau After Marriage and How to Get Unstuck.