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Happily Ever After

Front Cover of "Happily Ever After"Do your habits get in the way of your intentions? Is your marriage what you want it to be? This release by Nick Sorani is for couples looking to find greater satisfaction in their marriage relationship. Highly effective coaching format that is an expansion of the Happily Ever After? workshop offered by Nick. For all stages of marriage.

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Life after the wedding doesn’t get easier! As work, household duties and the demands of parenting increase, there is little time and emotional energy left to invest in our relationship with our spouse. The result of this is where many couples are today, trudging along and getting by, their once deep and growing relationship now replaced by a relationship of maintenance, or even survival amidst the daily grind. Some say that this is life and we might as well accept it. For those who want something more, Nick Sorani offers inspiration and practical steps towards renewing your relationship and having a vibrant marriage once again. An enjoyable workbook, written from the belief that we live more by our habits than our intentions. Sorani is convinced that for many of us it comes down to this – change a few habits and you can change your marriage!